I often hear about programmers who are so used to coding in their sleep that they wake up in the middle of a code problem and find themselves writing code in the middle of their subconscious, when it should be working.

I tend to think that code is inherently infinite. In fact, if I knew how long a loop will take, I would probably never try to code it.

Well, it’s true that some code tends to have an infinite loop. If I had infinite time to code, I would probably never write any other code.

I’m not sure I can get this right.

Well, I can’t really say much about that either. It sounds like a pretty major time sink to me, and I think it’s possible. But I’m not sure about that.

But it’s also possible that infinite loops are actually a way to avoid writing too many things. While you can make a loop that will never run, you can also make a loop that runs forever. It’s not a good thing to write code that runs forever and never terminates.

What I do know is that it’s possible to code a loop that can run forever. But you have to write it.

Its a good thing to write code that runs forever and never terminates.

If you want to have an infinite loop, you have to write it.

One of the major differences between the C++ programming language and languages like Java and Python that don’t have a language-specific infinite loop is that we know that our loops won’t ever run unless we write them (i.e., the same way we know we can’t end a loop in C++). We also know that a loop that runs forever can still end, but we don’t know how. So we have to write it.

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