I just want to clear up one small misconception I have about text boxes in Firefox. When I say text box, I am referring to the two text boxes that appear on the left and right sides of a web page.

The idea is that you can make the text box transparent so it doesn’t affect the page’s layout. It’s a little more difficult than in Internet Explorer because we have to make sure that the content area doesn’t disappear when we click the “text box” icon. Firefox has a very similar problem because when you click the little “text box” icon, the text box disappears.

Firefox doesn’t support text box icons because they don’t have any text box, but it does have a few text boxes that have text.

Its a little harder in Firefox but not hard at all. Simply right click the text box to get the ‘x’ icon that you can drag it to the side and it will become a text box. The text box will have a transparent border.

You should not worry about the text box icons when you set them up on your site. There are plenty of great text boxes out there.

There are plenty of great text boxes out there.

The text box is a great tool for hiding things like tool tips, images, and more. But make sure you use your text box icons correctly. That is, if you have a text box that you want to be able to drag-and-drop icons onto, use the X icon for the text box rather than the regular text icon.

I can’t stress enough how important the text box is to your site’s usability. Using a text box is similar to using a text editor in that it can be intimidating to use. It has all the same options, but it’s going to take a little bit of practice to really feel comfortable using it.

The text box is the most commonly used feature on your site. With it you can have a text box that is draggable, resizable, and resizeable. So you can drag in one row of text, and then drag and drop the text box to a different position. This makes it very easy to update the text for search engines and make it searchable. It also means you can use the text box in multiple places on your site.

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